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Life can provide us with beautiful moments - but beauty cannot exist without existential pain.

Everyone, from psychologists to clients, is destined to experience not only life’s exhilaration, but also its inevitable darkness.

One of the great paradoxes of life is that self-awareness breeds anxiety.

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Saigon Counseling Services


Individual Therapy

Counseling addresses specific issues relating to one’s external world, focusing on how you manage people, events and challenges. It helps individuals gain skills to interact with others, overcome crisis and manage stress. 


Couples Counseling

Understanding and appreciating differences in personality and gender are key factors in couples counseling. Paying close attention to the motivations, beliefs, emotions and what choices are being made by a couple are also essential.


Teen Therapy

Adolescence marks a chaotic period of physical, social, and psychological change. Teens must constantly adapt to the demands that come with transitioning to young adulthood, leaving many feeling disoriented and overwhelmed. 


addiction Therapy

The key difficulty in treating addiction is that an initial change in behavior is relatively easy to achieve, but the major problem lies in maintaining that change over time. In other words, the hallmark of addiction is its relapsing nature.